Our courses by webcam

STUDIUS now offers its tutoring courses online.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have moved all our courses online  ... and all our students have followed us! After a few weeks of the epidemic, we are already counting in hundreds the amount of hours of lessons organized by webcam. Our students and teachers have devised and implemented new ways for learning and teaching.

@STUDIUS organizes online revision courses in French.


For whom? 3 groups:

 1/ Prepa BAC - Elèves de Première : every Friday after daily school lessons.

 2/ Prepa BAC - Elèves de Seconde : every Tuesday and Thursday after daily school lessons.

 3/ Prepa BREVET - pour les élèves de Troisième et Quatrième.  every Wednesday after daily school lessons.


When ? 2 hours and 30 minutes lessons, once a week.   If the planned days do not suit your needs, contact us, we will find a solution!

Where? @STUDIUS : at home, wherever an internet connection is available!

Organisation : 6 students per group maximum

Intermediate English group: every Wednesday after school.

            Tel ou msg WhatsApp pour Denis Penoy:         +40 (0)775 630 131

  • 25 years of experience


  • Personalized Courses


  • Exceptional Results


  • Individual or small group lessons


  • Creativity Encouraged


  • Writing and Reading Boosted



For all our tutoring and our small group courses:

100 RON or 20 EUR per hour.


For an individualized follow-up:


Please contact us. We will see together how to respond to your request as best as possible.

Our solutions for successful tutoring


Our tutoring sessions continue in small groups on

Skype, Zoom and Whatsapp !


The Brevet is an important stage in schooling.

Its success requires regular preparation throughout the year.

Our small group sessions are organized after school classes.






Today it is the indispensable sesame that opens the door to the world!

Weekly classes to boost your English!




The baccalaureate is undergoing a full reform.


It ensures your children’s access to higher education. Meticulous preparation is required for this crucial stage in the school career. STUDIUS helps you to approach and manage this major course of study.




6 days for an intensive preparation of the Brevet!



The English language today is the key that opens the door to the world. Take advantage of the school holidays to boost your English!


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@STUDIUS: Wherever an internet connection is available!

Tel: + 40 775 630 131

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