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When: during the school year

Organization: 6 students maximum

Who: students from Collège to Lycée


Duration: 2-hour sessions after classes or on Saturdays. Program of 2 hours or 4 hours per week. 


In middle school and high school, sometimes everything goes too fast for some students. They accumulate gaps in math.

Luca had been piling up the lags in the first semester. Working regularly, this concept was foreign to him. With our classes, he saw that it was profitable... and not so bad! Now he thinks the program isn't so complicated.



Our courses in small groups


At STUDIUS, students have time to go over everything point by point in small groups with their tutor. They can also ask any questions they may have. We organize courses in small groups: 6 students maximum.  

The Key to Success: Perseverance and Participation 

Whatever your starting level, being present at each of the weekly classes and being actively involved in them will condition your progress. 

With our tutors, math isn't so complicated!