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When: during the school year

Objective: to prepare to get the Cambridge FCE, Cambridge CAE or Cambridge CPE diploma depending on your level. 

Organization: 8 students maximum

Duration: 2-hour sessions after classes or on Saturdays. Program of 2 hours or 4 hours per week. 

Rate: 100 RON or 20 EUR per hour

How many students are anxious to speak English! Some even have a good level of writing but do not dare to engage in a dialogue ... Classes in schools where there are too many pupils do not make it easy to speak. It is difficult to progress in such conditions!


Our courses in small groups


Studius organizes courses in small groups: maximum 8 students. This means that each learner is naturally required to speak very frequently. The teacher starts from the students' interests and encourages them to express their opinions on the subjects they are passionate about. While organizing these discussions and debates, the teacher is careful to correct errors and clarify grammar points. In this way, the student regularly expands his or her vocabulary and progresses in the construction and grammatical correctness of his or her statements.

The Key to Success: Perseverance and Participation 

 Whatever your starting level, being present at each of the weekly classes and being actively involved will condition your progress. Your teacher also gives you advice (readings, podcasts, TED Conferences, films and news, exercises...) to continue to improve between sessions. As soon as your skills are strong, we facilitate the access to the Cambridge English exam that corresponds to your level.



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