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When: from October until exams


Organization: 8 students maximum


Who: in groups of the same year: Seconde, Première et Terminale


Subjects: French, History-Geography, Philosophy


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Oral tests for Première 2020 students 

As you are no doubt aware, French oral exam for students in ''Première générale et Technologique'' is maintained. However, in order to take into account the period of confinement and its consequences on students, the list of texts is lightened. It will include a minimum of 15 texts in the

general track and 12 texts in the technological track. STUDIUS  students prepare together a linear analysis of each of these texts in order to be ready on the day of the exam.



Bacccalauréat 2021

The 2021 reformed baccalaureate will be based on a greater degree of continuous assessment (40%) and on final tests (60%) and a large oral examination.

In Terminale, two written tests on the candidate’s specialty subject will be held in the spring and two tests will be held in June:

  1. the written philosophy examination, which is mandatory; 

  2. the great novelty of the reformed baccalaureate: a major oral before a jury of three people. The oral test is based on the presentation of a project prepared by the student. It lasts 20 minutes and is divided into two parts :

  • the presentation of the project, based on one or two subjects of the student’s speciality chosen by him ;

  • an exchange based on this project to assess the pupil's ability to analyse while mobilising the knowledge acquired during his or her schooling, particularly scientific and historical knowledge.


Prior to this, the written and oral test of French will take place as today at the end of Première.

Therefore, a total of 6 tests and an oral exam will be taken by the students to validate their Baccalaureate.


Prepare in time to improve performance and confidence


In other words, the baccalaureate must now being prepared as early as the second year of secondary school. In order to advance successfully in their schooling, high school students must develop their autonomy. Our pedagogy based on involvement and motivation, our sessions in small groups (8 students maximum), facilitate exchanges and guide students in their personal work. Mistakes made by the students are taken advantage of to provide the necessary clarification on the points concerned.


The preparation that we offer allows students to become progressively more familiar with the Baccalaureate exams:


  • Starting in ''Seconde'', Studius supports students in the art of essay writing and intelligent text commentary. We offer them the necessary support and provide them with the tools they need to produce good creative writing.

  • In ''Première'', we help demystify text commentary. The art of dissertation is dissected and practiced systematically.

  • Disciplines concerned: French, History-Geography, Philosophy  

This progressive preparation allows you to approach the French Baccalaureate exam at the end of Première with confidence

Preparing the Grand Oral

STUDIUS suports you to prepare your project and present it to the Jury at the end of Terminale:

  • Discussion of the choice of project

  • Help in finding relevant information

  • Logical Articulation of Ideas

  • Writing the project

  • Active preparation of the oral presentation

  • Simulated oral presentation

  •  Corrections and comments of the oral performance.


Progressive preparation for the Baccalauréat 

in French