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When: from October until exams


Organization: 8 students maximum


Who: Students in Troisième  and Quatrième


Subjects: French, History-Geography


your Pedagogical Counselor

Tel: + 40 775 630 131 (also via WhatsApp)


The ''Troisième'' is a very important stage in the school career. Marking the end of the Collège, it ends with the passing of the Brevet and the choice of an orientation for the rest of the school journey.

In order to overcome difficulties, the student must develop his or her autonomy at work. Our sessions in small groups, 8 students maximum, facilitate exchanges and guide students in their personal work. Our pedagogy is based on involvement and motivation. The preparation that we offer allows students to gradually familiarize themselves with the standard exercises of the brevet. The mistakes made by the students are used to provide the necessary clarification.

The best way to prepare for an exam is to have already taken it! At the end of the year, we organize several mock exams in real conditions. They take place in two sessions: during the first session, students take their written exams under conditions similar to those of the exam. The following session is a collective correction session of 2 hours. The detailed correction of the paper also allows the students to target the last revisions and to gain points in the exam.


Progressive preparation for 
the Brevet des Colleges
in French