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  • in your Studius center

  • @STUDIUS: Wherever there's an internet connection available!


When: during school holidays

Organization: 8 students maximum


  • Students of Troisième, Quatrième et Cinquième,

  • Students of Seconde, Première and Terminale.


Objective: to prepare to get the Cambridge FCE, Cambridge CAE or Cambridge CPE diploma depending on your level. 


Duration: 15 hours, spread over a week, in 5 sessions of 3 hours each.


Rate: 15 hours for 1500 RON or 300 EUR


your Pedagogical Counselor

Tel: + 40 775 630 131 (also via WhatsApp)


Taking advantage of the holidays to progress at a steady pace

Why not devote a whole week to total language immersion to make real progress, gain confidence and open up to the world?  Our courses focus primarily on oral expression and our motto is "free yourself and speak".


A week for a boost   

Our 15-hour intensive English courses are based on authentic situations and aim to develop the four language skills, namely oral and written comprehension and expression. Classes are dynamic and teachers use a highly communicative method to encourage you to "live" the language and speak it.

These intensive English language courses :

  •          will stimulate you to dare to express yourself

  •          will really make you progress

  •          will allow you to acquire vocabulary and dialogue more easily.

Dynamic Internships

  •          Each course is structured in 5 sessions of 3 hours each, spread over a week.

  •          The group is strictly limited to 8 students, which allows a personalized follow-up of each one and facilitates exchanges and group dynamics.

  •          We organise courses during the school holidays: All Saints' Day, Christmas, winter, spring and summer.

English courses

the holidays