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When: during school holidays.


Organization: 6 students maximum


Who: Students in Troisième et Quatrième


Duration: 20 hours, spread over a week, in 5 sessions of 4 hours each


Rate: 2.500 RON or 500 EUR

Intensive internships to prepare for exams


Gaining confidence in your knowledge and work methodology, being prepared for all eventualities on the big day, is the assurance of giving the best of yourself in front of your copy.

Each module session is dedicated to a standard test of the brevet. In order to check that each element is mastered, the teacher has the students work on various exercises in a limited amount of time. After completing the exercises, the teacher explains the overall expectations and then proposes a detailed correction of each one: based on the mistakes made by the students, he or she provides the necessary details concerning the content concerned. The methodological aspects are also worked on. In order to pass the Brevet, understanding the examiner's expectations and knowing how to organise one's working time during the test is just as important as the knowledge acquired.


The best way to prepare for an exam is to have already taken it! 

The best way to prepare for an exam is to have already taken it! 

At the weekend, we organize a mock exam in real conditions. It takes place in two sessions: during the first session, students take their written exams under conditions similar to those of the exam. The following session is a collective correction session. The detailed correction of the paper also allows us to target the last revisions and to gain valuable points in the exam.

 All the conditions for efficient revision 

  •       A group limited to 4 students, which facilitates exchanges and allows for a personalized follow-up of each student.

  •          3 days of methodology and training

  •          1 day of white competition to train and validate your skills.

  •          Custom corrections in class


Brevet preparation courses in French

during the holidays